Real Human R’Evolution starts WITHIN.
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Find your Tribe. Feel the power and support of an online community of like-minded souls sharing a grounding and centering journey. Strengthen your core and stabilise and nourish to develop deep roots to rise high and THRIVE. All from the comfort of your home!

1:1 Holistic Wellness Coaching
Grounding morning practice
Inspirational afternoon workshops
Restorative evening sessions


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2 days of holistic wellness from Ibiza's leading transformational teachers.

Experience the magic of retreating in Ibiza online. Set in beautiful island locations.

Real People - Live Sessions - Personal Connection - Individual Coaching - Group Support

Human R’Evolution is for you if you:

- Deal with stress on a daily basis -
- Feel anxious or overwhelmed -
- Need to find balance and clarity -
- Are searching for emotional support -
- Are looking for human connection and true belonging -

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External structures shake and crumble. 

People fail and bail...

Plans change within minutes.


Find your unshakable coreWithin.


Weave authentic human connections. Belong.


Evolve, grow and rise through challenges. Together.

It’s time to join Online Human R’Evolution!

What do we want to see in the world?

People strong at the core in challenging and uncertain times.

Empower your spiritual evolution
with expert guidance in holistic mind-body practices.

With individualised wellness journeys based on your physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

Find you Tribe. Feel the power of the shared experience.

Susie Howell and Larah Davis, co-founders of Ibiza Retreats and two of Ibiza’s leading wellness professionals, have come together with Transformation Station to offer this holistic online retreat.


Back To Life – embrace a new reality – supported by your tribe!

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What we enjoyed last time

8 world-renowned health, yoga, nutrition, and wellness experts
1:1 holistic coaching and personalised wellness plan
Morning meditation journeys and intention setting
Nourishing and restorative yoga from stunning Ibiza locations
Naturopathic nutrition, Tapping, guided visualisation and more!
Feel the support of our Community, our powerful Tribe

Our world-class wellness team

(left to right): Susie, Vicky, Larah, Sandra, Stephanie, Marrejan, Laor, Shambala

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