3-Day Juice & Flow


Verity Smith & Tiana De Rey combine the power of juice therapy, vinyasa flow yoga and powerful mindset practice, in this carefully devised 3-day body and mind detox, a holistic programme to help you shed the winter excess and kickstart healthier ways of eating and living.

Break negative
 eating patterns
Increase your energy levels and improve vitality
Boost your immunity
De-stress the mind and balance the nervous system


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Are you...?

  • Relying on caffeine to wake up or alcohol to relax.
  • Suffering from sugar addiction.
  • Finding it difficult to motivate yourself or concentrate.
  • Suffering from a lack of focus and motivation.

But want to...?

  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce waste from the body.
  • Create a strong and healthy body & mind foundation.
  • Nurture outer beauty, adding vibrate shine from inside out.
  • Create a better and loving relationship with your body.


Then our 3-Day Juice & Flow program is for you!

What You Get

Verity and Tiana have combined their nutritional and yoga expertise to guide and support you through this deeply detoxifying and rejuvenating retreat programme to leave you with a complete sense of renewal.

3-Day Juice Plan

Across 3x ebooks and 5x video lessons with Verity you will:
  • Learn about the health benefits of detoxification and key ingredients, and why juicing is the #1 kick-starter tool for any weight-loss program
  • Eliminate toxins from your body and eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables with Verity's tried & tested 3-day juice detox plan, including daily juice schedule, recipes, shopping list and juicing tutorials
  • Learn how to best prepare for and support your detox

3-Day Breathe & Flow

3x morning Vinyasa flow sessions and 3x evening mindset practices with Tiana to help you:
  • Support the juicing detox by stimulating your lymphatic system and improving digestion
  • Nourish, strengthen and revitalise your body
  • Redefine your physical identity and create new and empowering beliefs and habits
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Verity Smith

In 2008, suffering from stress and insomnia and feeling burnt out from the ‘work hard, play hard’ London lifestyle Verity quit her day job and re-trained as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Dietary Educator which also took her on a journey to yoga retreats and detox camps throughout Asia and Central America.

In 2013 she relocated to Ibiza where founded Ibiza Superfoods and began importing her favourite superfoods and selling them at local health cafes and retreats.  The popularity grew so quickly that they were soon launched into over 300 stores and became an award winning range in 2019.   Ibiza Superfoods is a fresh, fun and functional plant-based health brand whose mission is to get you buzzing on the good stuff.

Verity continues to be passionate about spreading the word of nature’s most powerful healing superfoods and regularly hosts workshops at the island’s most popular venues. Alongside this, she also runs a juice detox company and is an expert in juice cleansing and detoxification and healthy weight management.

“Totally in love with my 3-day liver cleanse...feeling great. Not hungry...happy, shining and strong. Will repeat soon!” Laura

“I was feeling exhausted and run down. The first day was pretty tough, but after that the brain fog lifted and my energy levels increased. Fantastic juices and great support.”
 | Dylan

Tiana De Rey

Tiana is an international yoga teacher, life coach and motivational speaker with a mission to empower men and women on their path of personal development and help them reach their highest potential.

From an early age, Tiana was driven by a curiosity for eastern philosophy and yoga, which later guided her search for self-development tools, studying to become a yoga teacher in a remote village in the mountains of the Himalayas. Most recently she has completed the Tony Robbins coaching program. 

Tiana combines personal development techniques with ancient eastern discipline and knowledge of yoga for a well-rounded approach to body, mind and spirit. Her aim is to make spirituality and traditional yoga practice applicable to modern-day life.

“Tiana is so knowledgable. I’ve never had better yoga than with her!” Rita

"Tiana is so inspiring and real. I love the way she can connect to you. Both her coaching and yoga sessions were amazing. I highly recommend her!”
 | Denise

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3-Day Juice & Flow

Purify and cleanse your body from the inside out.

- Feel more energised to do your day to day tasks -

- Have more clarity and focus -

- Feel lighter in your body with improved mobility -

- Add a radiant glow to your skin -


€149 now only €99

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