Start Your Transformation | By Daga Cybruch

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2021
So you want to transform. You have that itchy feeling that something is missing in your life. You have that longing for more. You know you want to feel better but just not sure where to start, how to do it, who to trust. Or maybe you just know that you need to improve your health and feel more fit. 

We get it. We’ve been there. And we made it our mission to support you in your transformational journey. So here’s what you can do to make sure you’re making the best of your experience with us. 

Go Inwards

Any change starts with a recognition of the initial state. Otherwise, how to know where to put our efforts, what to improve, where to place our attention? Sometimes we have a certain idea - of what we should do, be or look like - that comes from the outside world, a comparison or jealousy towards other people, or the expectations we perceive as pressing. 

Although there might be some truth in it - following the external norms is not necessarily entirely bad - our first step is to acknowledge how we are in this moment and listen to our voice. And even though it is such an individual quest, it’s best done when guided and supported, for example - in meditation. 

You can choose whether you want to do a course of meditation or join Live sessions with us. Notice how you feel and what you need. And proceed from there to your genuine metamorphosis.

Engage Your Body 

Our body is our most truthful and committed messenger, informant, ally and protector. So when we feel sad, stuck or overstimulated, it is in our body that we find the clues of what is not working for us, what we need to change and pay more attention to. Our transformational movement and bodywork teachers not only show you how to activate, calm or restore your body, but they also do it in a conscious, holistic way. 

As you tune in to your body and your emotions more and more (with meditation or other body-based practices), you start noticing that you’re becoming more aligned with your intuition. Suddenly you have fewer doubts and more clarity of what your next step should be, that the answers indeed come from within and feel “just right”.

Explore The Alternative Way

Any transformation requires stepping out of the comfort zone, inviting the new and unknown, exploring the alternative possibilities to create our individual, new reality, and, ultimately, our higher self. 

The experts we invite to collaborate with represent a range of alternative modalities to allow you to experiment first hand what energy work feels like, what is breathwork, how to balance masculine and feminine energies and much more. 

This way, you can decide what works for you, what practices you want to go deeper into and what doesn’t resonate with you at all. The choice is yours.

Transformation Station’s community is diverse, inclusive and respectful - both the facilitators and the participants. You are free to experiment, and you are not obliged to follow any particular modalities. Whether driven by curiosity, intuition or previous experiences, you can safely, in the comfort of your home, explore practices that stem from ancient traditions, philosophical systems, and rituals.

Our teachers offer you less common solutions to:

These are just examples of the available courses founded on the traditions of the great Eastern philosophies. Find the right fit for you.

Go Deeper

Creating healthy habits and committing to regular self-care practices - like the ones available on our platform - might feel like a tall order. Sometimes we need to immerse ourselves into something deeper, more all-encompassing, comprehensive. Sometimes we need to retreat ourselves and reset our previous routines to “upgrade our operational system”. 

When you’re hungry for more, you can attend our special events:

And more!

Now, be honest with yourself. Do you want to transform? Are you ready to make that striking change in yourself, in your life and for the world? Can you say goodbye to the old self, to the old habits and “expired” ways of living? 

Tune it. Let go. And start your transformation!

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