Detox your body,
detox your mind

Online Retreat
with Sandra VOZ

26-28 February 2021

Are you feeling your best?

Do you want to cleanse your body and mind, and boost physical vitality and consciousness?

Join Sandra VOZ for a weekend of yoga, breathwork, meditation and mindset training, supported by a schedule of calming and restorative practices that can fit around you, and a healthy eating meal plan and recipe guide.

You also get a feature session on Tapping, bonus videos including a Sound Journey, our essential guidance on creating the perfect home retreat space, and session replays so you don't miss a thing!

€195 pp

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What's included

  • 8 hours LIVE yoga, breathwork and mindset training with Sandra VOZ, incl. Q&A
  • Feature session on Tapping with Shambala Wegner
  • Healthy, calming and restorative activities to fit in between sessions, incl. breathing and self-reflection exercises
  • Meal planner and recipe guide
  • 'How to' prepare your home for retreat, incl. Sandra's foolproof way to set up your kitchen for success!
  • BONUS videos, incl. Sound Journey, Lymphatic Drainage Exercises, How to Breathe Healthy
  • Session replays and key notes

We all feel amazing when our body feels good, our skin is bright and our mind is clear.

Unfortunately the modern-day lifestyle isn't on our side!

With demanding schedules, more time on screens, and takeaway food available at the click of a button, often we lack energy, feel tired and off-kilter, a cycle that can limit our physical and mental performance, and make us more prone to illness. 

Add to that the stress caused by lockdown and restrictions that most of us now face, there’s never been a better time to detox and reset limiting energies.


"Sandra has a gift for teaching, is knowledgeable, with a gentle, nurturing approach. I feel safe in her hands." | Susie Pearl

What you'll take from the retreat

...besides a weekend of relaxation, inspiration and fun!

  • A toolkit of cleansing and restorative practices that fit easily into everyday life
  • Healthy habits that help you transform negative patterns that drain your energy and focus
  • Simple, tasty and super healthy recipes to detox and nourish your body, and keep you strong
  • An understanding of how to breathe properly (90% of us don't) to experience true peace of mind
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Friday 26th

6pm - 8pm: LIVE WELCOME
Detox Stretch, Breathing & Meditation

Evening relaxation followed by
goodnight breathing and mindset exercises


Saturday 27th

Morning breathing and mindset exercises
followed by cold shower and healthy smoothie

10am - 12pm: LIVE
Kundalini Yoga: Breathing & Long Shavasana

Brunch followed by writing exercise

4pm - 5pm: LIVE GUEST
Tapping with Shambala Wegner

Healthy light supper

6pm - 8pm: LIVE
Kundalini Yoga: Restorative Stretch

Evening relaxation followed by
goodnight breathing and mindset exercises


Sunday 28th

Morning breathing and mindset exercises
followed by cold shower and healthy smoothie

10am - 12pm: LIVE
Kundalini Yoga: Breathing & Long Shavasana

Brunch followed by self-reflection

5pm - 6pm: LIVE CLOSING
Share learnings and support for onward journeys


LIVE sessions in Central European Time
Meal plan supported by recipe guide

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Why detox?

The body is designed to detoxify continuously, processing food, thoughts, and all sorts of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we feel steady and flexible - strong! However, most people accumulate more than they process.

Increased preservatives in food, chemicals in the environment, negative thoughts, stress, and lack of exercise can all hamper the body’s natural cleansing process, making us feel sluggish, weighed down by a slow metabolism and stuck emotions.

Sometimes we need to give things a little push to help us stay light and revitalised, to systematically reset the energy in our body and mind. Detoxes are a wonderful way to cleanse and kickstart our whole system.

"I like to think of detox as a ‘spring clean’ for the body, clearing out all the unwanted toxins, so you feel good, look radiant, and have a clearer mind!"

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"With Sandra’s coaching, I was guided out of the darkness into a more hope-filled place."

"Sandra is a master chef.
Her recipes are just delicious!"

About Sandra

Sandra VOZ is a Balanced Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher, and a qualified fitness instructor. With a Masters degree in Law and extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Sandra knows from experience what the rewards, challenges and pitfalls of a high-profile lifestyle can be. She has successfully dealt with the need to transform unhealthy lifestyle choices and found her way out of burn-out, using yoga and meditation to reconnect to her body and an authentic and balanced way of living.

Cooking has been one of Sandra's biggest passions since she was tall enough to stand on a foot stool in her mom's kitchen. It's where she unwinds and unfolds her creativity. Knowing that her own energy level depends on how well she eats, Sandra encourages her clients to take a look at their food habits if they're feeling sluggish, unfocussed, or have trouble calming down their nervous system. 

Photography: Ana Lui

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