Deep heart prayers for inner and collective healing.

During this 90 minute ceremony using the plant medicine of cacao Joanna will guide you into:

  • Deep prayer & offerings
  • Meditation & Shamanic journeying
  • A strong container that is held with music, voice and love
  • A powerful and healing ceremony with the collective energy

What you'll experience

  • Quiet your mind and listen more to your heart
  • Be guided to deeper parts within yourself that are often suppressed
  • Remember that you are not walking this path alone
  • Experience deep healing through all timelines
  • Shine a light on all parts of yourself and your life
  • Love, accept and embrace all that arises
  • Empower yourself to follow your own inner guidance

The session costs 30€ (10€ in advance to secure your place), including Cacao.

Jo can be perfectly described as ethereal, a beautiful soul leading a group into a different world; her spirit and energy creating the setting for you to receive pure magic." | Anne-Marie

"It's been such a blessing to join Jo's cacao ceremonies. I always feel like I've had healing afterwards. She is wonderful and has so much knowledge and wisdom." | Sean

"Jo holds a beautiful safe and sacred space...where each person is safe to be whatever they need in the moment." | Abi Coe


Why join the Ceremony

It’s time for us to live more consciously with the planet and our communities, carving out a more beautiful way for our children, and our children’s children.

What imprint do you want to leave behind? What kind of ancestor do you want to be? Are you walking a path that treads gently, kindly and compassionately, and with the natural rhythms of your surroundings? Are you living in harmony within yourself and moving from your heart?

Now is the time.

About Joanna

Devoted to her own inner growth and evolution, Joanna has been practicing various healing modalities for well over a decade, learning and experiencing energy medicine, shamanism, crystal healing, wataflow and more. She has traveled far and wide, training, living and teaching in India, Bali, Peru and across Europe.

Her soul mission is to empower others to awaken their hearts. Guiding them through ceremony and energy medicine practices to access those deeps parts within themselves that may have been forgotten. In the age of technology, many of us have lost our innate connection to nature, and when we are disconnected from her, we are disconnected from our true selves.

Joanna’s teachings and offerings guide you to listen deeply to your own heart, to remember, and to empower you to be your highest version of you.