Navigate through discomfort using conscious connected breath

During this 90-minute session, Sapphire will guide you on a journey through the power of your breath to help you navigate these strange times with grace.

  • Reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia
  • Help heal trauma and make peace with the past
  • Access inner guidance and its wonderful wisdom
  • Open up a deep connection with your highest Self

About the session

During this session, Sapphire will guide you through 90 minutes of conscious connected breathing. We will breathe into any discomfort that arises and allow ourselves to release unwanted blockages or feelings we have been experiencing lately. 

This session is for anyone but especially those of us who feel slightly on edge at the moment. Come with an attitude of no expectations and allow yourself to follow your breath.

The session costs 30€ with a 10€ deposit.

Sapphire has a true gift. She takes you on an amazing journey to the self, and during this, you feel very safe and sure, making for an incredible experience." | Melanie

"Sapphire’s approach is calm and reassuring. I highly recommend this life-changing experience for all with an open mind." | Paul

"Breathwork with Sapphire was so powerful it had me in tears. I had the most incredible release. Still thinking about it and feeling its effects.” | Melissa

About Sapphire

Blessed to have been born in Ibiza with Ibicenco-Canadian parents, Sapphire was totally influenced by the sun, sand and sea of the Island which had a huge impact on her love of synchronized swimming (competing at a national level).

This led her on her path to yoga, where she practised for many years around the world, ultimately completing her teacher training in India. It was in Bali where she went to practice even more yoga, that she stumbled unknowingly upon breathwork. During that first class, Sapphire knew she had to spread the word and share the magic of this practice. She is dedicated to holding space for others to heal and for transformations to occur within them.