Uplift your energy level and rejuvenate your body

During this 45-minute session, we will move though asanas, unifying movement with the breath.

  • Release energetic blocks from the body
  • Connect to your inner guidance
  • Practice stillness and mindful movement
  • Boost immunity, improve flexibility and reduce anxiety

About the session

Experience the transformative power of the ancient practice of Yoga. 

Using the healing and transformative power of the breath and asanas, we will move through the practice in a gentle flow and will release stagnant energy and blocks from the body, whilst cultivating stillness and mindfulness.

This class will leave you feeling energised, uplifted and rejuvenated, allowing that inner glow to shine from inside out.

Please RESERVE YOUR PLACE to take part in this free session.

Tiana is so knowledgable. I’ve never had better yoga than with her!” | Rita

"Tiana is so inspiring and real. I love the way she can connect to you. Both her coaching and yoga sessions were amazing. I highly recommend her!" Denise

About Tiana

Tiana is an Ibiza-based, international yoga teacher, spiritual seeker and life coach. Her classes, retreats and workshops are educational and designed to uplift the spirit and cultivate wellbeing.

She trained to become a Yoga teacher in a traditional Yoga Ashram in the Himalaya mountains in India, and since then has taught group and private private classes, and hosted retreats and workshops.

With a mission to share her love and knowledge of yoga, and her passion for helping people to improve their lives, Tiana has just completed a coaching program with Tony Robbins. Tiana combines her techniques to offer a unique and well-rounded approach to body, mind and spirit.