4 Elements Yoga

with Isabel Chave Manso

A balancing practice


Do you feel you lack harmony and don’t express yourself fully? Do you feel disconnected and low in energy? Whether you feel stiff and tired in your body or flexible and curious, this 4-part course will help you to become more present, enhance your inner connection and stay focused. Balance the four elements to strengthen your body and flourish in your life.

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What you'll experience

This 4-part video course has been designed to re-balance the body, focussing on each of the elements to improve strength, flexibility and self-awareness.

The elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air are essential to our existence. We tend to rely on one part of ourselves and often dismiss the others, but a harmonious state between them all is necessary for us not only to stay alive but also to live our full potential.

Take these yoga sessions one at a time, allowing yourself a couple of days break between each practice. Connect with and harmonise each of the elements:

  • Earth: your body, your mindset, your space and feeling of groundedness
  • Fire: your energy, taking action and continual movement
  • Air: your life-force, trust, beliefs and determination
  • Water: your creativity, imagination and bringing things into being.

Through mindful yoga practice engaging your whole body, you will reach emotional and mental benefits. You will:

  • Reconnect with yourself to stay grounded
  • Find vitality, optimism and the focus to achieve your goals
  • Think less and feel more
  • Move through stuck emotions to express yourself easier
Isabel’s practice has been a gift for me."  | Esther
“Each class is a unique experience.”  | Zan
“Isabel has helped me to overcome some difficult moments in my life." | Zan

4 Elements Yoga

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About Isabel Chave Manso

Isabel has been learning embodiment practices for over fifteen  years. After completing her training In Los Angeles in Vinyasa and Therapeutics, she travelled to India to study Iyengar and Ashtanga, and since then has lead yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Spain and the U.S. 

Isabel is also certified in Esalen Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and energy work, and she is a facilitator of Gestalt Awareness Practice by Tribal Ground.

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