Breathe & Flow Yoga

with Sapphire Leena Brown


An exploration of your senses through yoga and breath.


Gently connect to the rhythm of your breath through different styles of yoga led by Sapphire.

Conscious Connected Breath is an invitation to feel deeper and to find out what happens in the inside world.

Experience how it feels to connect your soul-mind-spirit to the movement. Know your limits and befriend discomfort so that you can step outside of your comfort zone and grow.

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What you'll experience

This 3-video series offers a gradual build-up of engaging movement and yoga practice that is oriented on self-exploration and curiosity about your sensations. Allow yourself to be open and respectful towards your body. Allow every movement to be guided through the rhythm of your breath.

The course is perfect for experienced yoga practitioners and those who like being challenged and know how to leave their ego on a side and respect their limits. 

  • Vinyasa Flow - concentrates on movement and connecting with a comfortable breath in movements
  • Breathe & Flow Yoga - focuses on your core. Through a sequence of engaging asanas, find your balance and flexibility of the spine. Every movement will be guided through the rhythm of your breath. Respect yourself, pause when you cannot find your breath, let go of the ego and fully surrender to the practice
  • Spicy Core Yoga - engages your whole body through dynamic movements. You will sweat a little to create inner space, awareness and deep connection. 

Notice your limits, get comfortable with them and go from there, see what happens.

“Sapphire has a true gift. She takes you on an amazing journey to the feel very safe and incredible experience." | Melanie

"Every class is an exciting journey within. With breathing exercises and dynamic yoga she always creates an engaging and magical session." | Vito

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About Sapphire

Born in Ibiza, Sapphire has been totally influenced by the sun, sand and sea, which has had a huge impact on her love of synchronized swimming (competing at a national level) and her path to yoga, which she has practised for many years around the world.  

Ultimately completing her teacher training in India, it was in Bali that she stumbled unknowingly upon breathwork.

During that first class, Sapphire knew she had to spread the word and share the magic of this practice, and since has dedicated to holding space for others to heal and for transformations to occur within them. 

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