Feminine Embodiment Secrets

with Ishvari


Live a meaningful life, deeply centred in the heart.


Explore the Art of Feminine Embodiment in this 3-part course:

  • Part 1 | Body & Emotion
  • Part 2 | Sensuality & Sexuality
  • Part 3 | Intuition

With supporting audio practice (and PDF) and Playlists.


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What you'll experience

The course comprises three parts:

  1. Body and Emotions
  2. Sensuality and Sexuality
  3. Intuition.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Learn about the foundations of the embodiment practices and receive tools and guidelines on how you can rediscover yourself and evolve.
  • Get to know practices that help you balance your inner masculine and feminine parts.
  • Follow guided meditations to help you inhabit your body fully and embrace your sensuality. The meditations are also in pdf format so you can practice them at your leisure!
  • Get access to curated playlists that enhance your experience.
  • Gain clarity on how to connect with your intuition, how to distinguish it from other external voices and live life fully.

"I want to create a path for possibility, for empowerment, for sexual liberation, for feeling freedom in your life, and living each day to the fullest." | Ishvari

“Ishvari is the real deal with an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience.” | Sam

"A beautifully empowered woman and authentic facilitator." | Adam 

"So much more than we could have expected." | Beth

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About Ishvari

Ishvari has been a certified yoga teacher and tantra facilitator since 2012, offering a rich mix of yoga, tantra, Taoism and classical Indian dance aesthetics and philosophy. 

For the last six years she has been leading Yoga classes, tantra workshops and women’s retreats in Europe, Thailand, India, Colombia and Canada, and is an active part of the tantric community, exploring aspects of tantra in daily life.

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