Sacred Womb Awakening

with Marjolein

Connect with the power of the Womb and Heart.


The Womb (or Harra for men) is one of three sacred feminine centres and the centre of power and creativity. When we connect to the power of the Womb and the love in our Heart, we become the best version of ourselves, and can start to live our soul’s purpose.

Explore the power of the Womb and Heart awakening. Understand how you can access your source light.

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What you'll experience

Do you feel the call to work with your Womb? Marjolein's carefully curated 3-week course is a great way to start.

  • Learn how to activate your Sacred Womb Space
  • Explore how to communicate with your Womb
  • Participate in a powerful healing ceremony
  • Discover how to work with your energy and how this can heal your Womb 
  • Feel more energetic, grounded and calm
  • Create healthy relationships, and a life full of abundance and flow
  • Learn how to set clear and gentle boundaries and keep your energy for yourself
  • Understand why certain patterns keep coming back in your life
  • Find your life purpose
  • Explore your sacred feminine centre and live more through your femininity
  • Have a clear perspective on who you are
  • Heal your mother wound
  • Find guidance from within to feel less ‘stuck’ in life

“It has been a kickstart to change my life drastically." | Jenny

“Marjolein prepared the journey in a loving way. I felt safe with her." | Erika

“Gently guides you into union with your most authentic self." | Diex

About Marjolein

Marjolein is a certified Womb Awakening Practitioner who helps women to re-connect to their Wombs using a combination of shamanic practices that connects them to their source energy. She has been leading several women’s circles online, in which she helps them to move away from pain and trauma that is affecting them in every day life. Her presence is high vibrational and her approach is gentle, yet powerful. Connecting to your personal Womb Energy and clearing the distortions is very transformational work and is often a gateway to your highest calling in life.

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Get all our on-demand courses, live sessions and more!
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