Take a more mindful approach to transforming through  problematic alcohol or drug use.

Build a solid foundation. Maintain, continue to grow. Learn how to help others.

A programme for those looking to overcome problematic alcohol or drug use, to enhance existing recovery, or simply to live life on a more spiritual path.

First of all, do not be ashamed or think that you are the only one. The abusive use of alcohol and the hold that it can take on a human being does not discriminate. I’ve helped high-earning corporate executives, GP’s, surgeons, solicitors, millionaire business people, and with my recent charity collaboration, ex-offenders and the homeless and most vulnerable in society turn their lives around.

I know first hand the damage alcohol can do. I worked for UK law firms in Africa, London, Manchester, and lost it all- all hope, self-purpose, self-esteem and my soul itself- and I nearly lost my life. However, over seven years later with help and guidance from mentors, including Luke Sutton who has himself transformed through addiction, along with courage, an open mind, a letting go of my ridiculous ego, I have been able to find a new, spiritual path that helps me to live without the need or want to use. | Chris Howarth, Making Changes course creator

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The Programme

With compassion and empathy at the core, and a strong spiritual and enlightening theme where mindfulness meditation and lovingkindness play a key role, the programme is built around 'Changes’- written, reflective and discussion based exercises structured in such a way that supports recovery and growth. 

During the 3-month or intensive 1-month course you will:

  • Explore your habits and their effects to “kick the living daylights out of the obvious” and rid us of any denial or delusion
  • Learn about the importance of others in making change, and how to be open, honest and reach out for help
  • Build greater self-awareness and with humility and an understanding that it's okay to be flawed, learn to let go of the negative characteristics and build on the positive ones
  • Consider those we've harmed, including ourselves, as we seek to make amends

Making Changes is a progressive approach to dealing with addiction. Chris Howarth is someone who truly understands the darkness that an active addict sees and, most importantly, also knows the path that they find the light again.” | Luke Sutton 


For addicts mindfulness meditation helps us stay present and not to be anxious about the past or future – both typical traits of problematic substance users.

Loving Kindness

If it's true that resentment destroys more alcoholics than anything, then forgiveness and lovingkindness may be one of the most important practice for addicts.

Course Structure

3 month programme - €850

1 x 90 minute Zoom sessions/week

February-April 2022
March-May 2022

1 month intensive - €700

3 x 90 minute Zoom sessions/week

February 2022
March 2022
April 2022

Why Making Changes

Alcohol or drug abuse can easily become a vicious circle and spiral into a lonely and alienating time. The root of this type of problem varies from person to person, but the journey towards a better path is possible when you have a long-term programme in place that results in self-change. 

Through working with others and from personal experience I know and understand addiction and self-destructive behaviours and am here to help steer you towards a new and improved way of life. This is not just about stopping the drink or drugs, it's about implementing changes in our lives that will lead us to a place where we don't want or need to use. 

The programme was started during my Master’s degree in 'Comparative Drug and Alcohol Studies', receiving wide acclaim from academics. The research involved addiction therapists, Catholic Priests, peer-supporters, AA fellowship members and treatment centre owners, all of whom were in favour of an alternative, challenging programme for those who find religion an issue in programmes like AA. I am not anti-AA, I just want people to have another option when they are dissuaded by God being part of the programme, which could be up to 90% of the community according to my research.

After becoming sober and completely changing my life around, I wanted to expand my programme of recovery. I started to learn about Buddhist principles and how many of them intertwined with 12-step principles, but without the need for religion, which I found this to be a much more authentic application of a spiritual recovery. I also found the compassionate outlook that lovingkindness meditation focuses on really helped my view of myself, my loved ones, even those I found difficult and eventually, all beings. As someone who was driven by addiction, an extremely self-serving and self-destructive behaviour, to start thinking about treating all beings with kindness and compassion was revolutionary for me, which is why I have included these principles in the Making Changes programme.

Please learn more about the course or enquire about a place please contact us.