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Meditate with Marion

with Marion Stone. Tap into your inner power to release emotional burdens that keep you stuck.

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4 Elements Yoga

with Isabel Chave Manso. A balancing practice to improve strength, flexibility and self-awareness.

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Sacred Womb Awakening

with Marjolein. Connect with the power of the Womb and the love in your Heart. Find your soul's purpose and live your best self.

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Yin & Restorative Yoga

with Marrejan Oepkes. Restore flexibility and release stiffness in a safe way with 4 sessions designed to gently move your body.

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Feminine Embodiment Secrets

with Ishvari. Connect with your body, your sensuality and your intuition. Live life fully. Includes videos and audio practice.

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Breathe & Flow Yoga

with Sapphire Leena Brown. Allow yourself to feel and release with the breath and movement.

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Yogic Practices

with Larah Davis & Susie Howell. Optimise and regulate physical wellbeing, energy levels and vitality across the day.

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Sound Healing

with Elena Teixidor. A dynamic sound healing meditation that takes through the seven chakras of your energy body.

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- Coming soon -

Shamanic Sound Meditation: Heart Centre & Agnihorta Fire

with Elena Teixidor

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