75 minute healing journey set to ambient music

Experience connecting with your own guides and discover how to expand your senses and better connect with the energetic world.

  • Explore how to develop your senses
  • Connect with guides who support you
  • Experience a beautiful healing
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About the session

Everyone has the potential to develop their sensitivity in order to connect with the energetic world. As we heal and clear layers of our past our vibration becomes lighter, enabling us to experience the energetic world and interact with it.

Our guide team are here to support us in fulfilling our soul path. We can have a number of different guides who make themselves known to us as our ability to connect with them opens up.

This healing journey offers the opportunity to let go of past emotions and limitations that are in the way of you fully sensing the energetic world. You will then be guided into an experience of connecting with one of your guides.

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"Thank you Keith, that was very powerful and emotional for me, haven’t cried like that for a very long time. Thought I dealt with it years ago but it just kept coming up stronger and stronger tonight. Feeling lighter now though." Petra

WOW!!! Just beautiful! Tears rolling down my cheeks, absolutely transported, my heart pounding, fingers tingling, body quivering...it felt like I was weightless and hovering over my physical body. Like nothing that I have ever experienced before. Facing my fears to experience wonder. Feeling my magnificence." Shanthi, Australia

About Keith

My passion is in enabling people to break through whatever is in the way of their full self expression. To support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world. Many of my clients have already worked on themselves for many years, and are looking to expand themselves and their skills to the next level.

I specialise in root healing work, supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of both creating a life that they love and in bringing through their own gifts to the world. My work includes inner child, emotions, past lifetimes, ancestral healing, psychic surgery. A powerful team of guides support me with the healing. 

I have facilitated practitioner training and retreats in countries around the world such as Bali, Los Angeles, Eastern Europe, Ibiza and the UK.

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