60 minutes

Join Ami for her weekly, low-impact, body conditioning fitness session to help you:

  • Improve flexibility, core strength and stability
  • Improve posture and spinal stabilisation
  • Rehabilitate and prevent against injuries
  • Improve coordination and balance
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About the session

Join Ami as she concentrates on resetting the body and mind after being cooped up in lockdown.

Lack of movement causes the body to become stiff, immobile and sluggish, which in turn creates an unhappy environment for the mind and prevents us from flourishing.

In this series of four sessions, Ami will enhance your range of motion, flexibility, strength, and - most importantly - help you to feel good and stronger.

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"Ami has pushed me to understand my body more and unlock its hidden strength.” | Nicole Atkin

“Ami is professional, upbeat and understanding, and strikes the right balance between knowing your limits and pushing you harder.” | Zoe Lacey

“Ami is a highly creative trainer with a broad knowledge base. Her integrity shines through in every aspect of her work.” | Gillian Bolam

About Ami

Ami Collins a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor, Pilates Teacher and Aerial Pilates Teacher, with decades of experience.  

Her sessions focus on physical and mental wellbeing with training that focusses on the individual needs and lifestyles of her clients.

Since selling her award winning UK fitness and Pilates studio, Ami has taught all over the world and she follows her passion for helping people to move better and feel happier. She now works with a trusted team that lead private and corporate Pilates sessions across the North East of England.

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