Learn a Proven Way of Self-Care -Join a FREE Live Event with Ibiza’s Leading Wellness Providers


Have you ever asked yourself how to stay healthy in your body and your mind when there are more “don’ts” than “dos”, when you cannot freely go outside or meet friends, and those around you might be needing your help rather than helping you? What does “self-care” mean in the times of restrictions and uncertainty? Who to ask for help?

We are excited to offer you this unique opportunity to meet us LIVE so that we can dispel your doubts and answer questions on “how to love myself and not be selfish”.

Join our FREE online event “Learn a Proven Way of Self-Care” to follow a restorative yoga practice with one of the best yoga therapists in Ibiza and beyond. Meet the founders of Ibiza Retreats and Transformation Station, Ibiza’s leading wellness providers, to ask your questions and to be heard and seen.

In this 1-hour long live event we will:

  • Share an effective restorative yoga practice to help you calm down your nervous system.
  • Explain how you can develop trust in yourself and in life through these times of great change.
  • Uncover what you can do to feel seen, heard and unconditionally supported.
  • Answer your questions in the following Q&As session.
  • Reveal details about the very first ever Online Human R’Evolution retreat!


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Monday, November 23, at 10am GMT / 11am CEST

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